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Triple Helix Consulting works with progressive organisations in the public and private sectors to develop and implement more sustainable policies and practices. The ‘triple helix’ is Andrew Campbell’s metaphor for sustainability—the intertwined and interdependent strands of landscapes, lifestyles and livelihoods.

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The Triple Helix Consulting site offers a range of information resources including publications, presentations and projects. As of February 2011, Andrew Campbell has taken on a new role as Professor and Inaugural Director of the Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods (RIEL) at Charles Darwin University in Darwin, Australia.  This website will be maintained as a record of Triple Helix outputs, but Andrew's more recent writings and talks will be accessible through RIEL

Andrew Campbell can be contacted via email

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Latest Publications

Thinking corporately:  getting national parks on national balance sheets

Blog in The Conversation proposing that we need a better accounting framework for natural capital such as exemplified by National Parks.

Insuring the Environment:  who pays when mining goes wrong?

Blog in The Conversation with Stephen Garnett, discussing smarter ways of managing the environmental risks of large scale resource development projects.

The carbon price and biodiversity

Blog in The Conversation exploring the implications of the carbon price package for Australia's biodiversity.

Exorcising the northern myth

Blog in Crikey critiquing the Coalition's proposal for a northern food bowl based on dam(n)ing Australia's northern rivers for large scale irrigation schemes to double Australia's agricultural production.

Rethinking the Murray Darling Basin Plan

Blog in Crikey suggesting a total rethink of the Basin Plan from a centralised, top-down process to a much more bottom-up process using catchment authorities and landcare to drive community engagement and buy-in, and to deliver more effective on-ground implementation.

Powerful Choices:  the know-how for a shift to a biofuel economy in Australia

This paper, co-authored with Barney Foran, summarises the findings of eight years' research into the implications of a transition to a biofuel economy using woody biomass feedstocks for second-generation biofuels. | pdf (116Kb) |  The full research findings can be found here.

Paddock to Plate: 
food, farming and  sustainability

Policy propositions to sustain the Victorian food system in a carbon, water, energy and nutrient-constrained world.  The background paper is here.


Managing Australian Soils

A discussion paper looking at how Australia could develop a more coherent and cohesive approach to soil policy.  

| pdf (6Mb) | More info:projects



Food, Energy, Water:  conflicting insecurities (and the rare win-wins offered by soil stewardship) 

A feature article in the US Journal of Soil & Water Conservation discussing how soil stewardship is one of the few win-wins in food, energy and water security issues.


A Climate Change Primer for Regional Natural Resource Management (NRM).
Regional climate change implications reviewed in a primer targeted at regional NRM and catchment bodies. | pdf (1.3Mb)


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The Getting of Knowledge—a guide to funding and managing applied research.   A practical guide to managing applied research at a project, program and portfolio level. | pdf (1.7Mb) | Hard copies can be ordered (free): ring CanPrint on 1800776616 and quote product code PK071243.

Latest Papers and Presentations

  • Book Review:  A Way Through - the Life of Rick Farley by Nicholas Brown and Susan Boden. Review in The Conversation of an outstanding biography of Rick Farley .
  • Productivity Commission inquiry into rural R&D  OpEd in On Line Opinion reviewing the draft report, which recommends inter alia the establishment of a new $50m public good R&D Corporation for land, water and energy issues.  My submission to the Inquiry is #271 here.

  • Knowledge for Managing Australian Landscapes Conference, 18-19 May 2010.  This wonderfully rich event celebrated the knowledge legacy of Land & Water Australia.  More details including presentations here.
  • Book Review:  Out of the Scientist's Garden:  a story of water and food, by Richard Stirzaker   With a Land & Water Australia fellowship, Richard Stirzaker has written an elegant exploration of the challenges of growing more food using less water, less reliable water and poorer quality water.  Distilling lessons from meticulous empirical observation and measurement in his own garden, Stirzaker's book is a classicReview here and more info here.
  • Converging insecurities:  water, energy, carbon and food   A public lecture in the magnificent Shine Dome of the Australian Academy of Science in Canberra, taking a 'big picture' look at integration challenges in science and policy|pdf 3Mb|
  •  A 2020 Vision for the natural resources and people of New South Wales

          The Natural Resources Commission sought public submissions as part of its mid-term review of natural resource management in NSW. This piece attempted to stretch the debate.  | pdf (1.1Mb) | NRC website |

  • It's time to renew Landcare     

    July 2009 saw the 20th anniversary of Bob Hawke's announcement of a Decade of Landcare.  This paper in Agricultural Science proposes a new agenda for rejuvenating landcare.

  • Landscapes, Lifestyles and Livelihoods
    An overview of environmental and sustainability challenges facing Australia. Lecture to SRES (first year students across the ANU & the National University of Singapore), March 2009. | pdf (1.9Mb) |
  • Rural Practice Change National Symposium.  Andrew Campbell facilitated this national symposium at the University of Melbourne on 14 November 2008, attended by more than 400 people.  The symposium explored the factors influencing practice change in rural landscapes, led by Professor David Pannell of the University of Western Australia. Presentations and papers here.
  • Stop treating soil like dirt.  Opinion piece in The Australian Financial Review on 5 March 2008 (p79) | pdf (108 kb) |
  • How the US is tracking trends in its natural environment - 2007 study tour report examining the US National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) and the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) at the University of California, Santa Barbara. | pdf (1.8Mb) |
  • A French-Australian comparison - young countries in old landscapes vs old countries in young landscapes | pdf (400kb) |