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This section contains information about and links to some recent Andrew Campbell presentations.

Recent Presentations

Farming and Food Systems for a carbon, water, energy and nutrient-constrained world

(CCRSPI (Climate Change Research Strategy for Primary Industries) National Conference, Melbourne Cricket Ground, 17 February 2011 )

Keynote to the CCRSPI conference exploring the convergence of carbon, energy, water and food, and what that means for farming systems, and farming systems research and extension. |ppt 7Mb| 

The Getting of Knowledge

(Landcare Research New Zealand, Lincoln 12 December 2010)

Seminar for Landcare Research staff at Lincoln focusing on how to be an intelligent research purchaser, broker, manager and evaluator.  Follow up to a strategic planning session with the executive as LCR considers a new operating environment. |pdf 20Mb| 


Rethinking NRM and Sustainable Agriculture

(Senior Executive Team, SA Dept Environment and Natural Resources, Adelaide 9 December 2010)

Backgrounder for the CEO and senior executives of DENR for a strategic discussion around new corporate directions for the agency. |pdf 19Mb| 

Science and research for a changing and challenging world

(Melbourne University Post-graduate Student Conference, Dookie 11 November 2010)

Talk to post-grad students from the Melbourne School of Land and Environment about the types of knowledge we will need to tackle the big converging challenges of climate, carbon, water, energy and food, and their implications for how we do research and extension. |pdf 25Mb| 

Converging Insecurities:  climate, water, energy and food

(Peter Cullen Leadership course, Canberra 10 November 2010)

Talk to participants in the Peter Cullen Trust leadership program about the intersections between climate change, water, energy and food, and their implications for science and policy. |pdf 3.3Mb| 

The Getting of Knowledge:  knowledge brokering and knowledge translation

(Special Workshop on Knowledge Brokering and Knowledge Translation,
Canadian Science Policy Conference, Montreal 20 October 20

Keynote in beautiful Montreal on practical experiences with knowledge brokering and knowledge translation strategies and tools, using Land & Water Australia as a case study. |pdf 17Mb| 

Envisioning Food Systems for resilient landscapes, lifestyles and livelihoods

(Local Regenerative & Sustainable Food Production Visioning Workshop, Kinglake 13.10.10)

Talk to people from the Kinglake community and surrounding areas about options to improve food security and food system sustainability, not just as a key element of bushfire recovery strategy, but also to exploit strategic advantages of fertile soils, high rainfall and proximity to Melbourne. |pdf 12Mb| 

Forest Science and Forestry Education for a carbon, water, energy and nutrient-constrained world

(The Future of Forestry and Forest Science conference, Melbourne 30 September 2010)

Keynote to the Future of Forestry and Forest Science conference, celebrating 100 years of forestry education in Victoria at the School of Forestry Creswick and the University of Melbourne.  I was in the last cohort of Creswick graduates in 1980 and graduated from Melbourne in 1983. |pdf 7Mb| 

Landscapes:  Resilience and Sustainability

(AgForce state conference, Rockhampton 16 September 2010)

Keynote to AgForce delegates from across Queensland, exploring challenges and opportunities for Australian and Queensland agriculture over coming decades. |pdf 8Mb| 

Imagining the best Catchment and Coastal Authority in the world

(Western Catchment and Coastal Authority Transitions Forum, Warrnambool, 13 September 2010)

A 'visions' talk to kick off a forum to plan the new Western Catchment and Coastal Authority, which is an amalgamation of the Corangamite and Glenelg Hopkins CMAs, and the Western Coastal Board, as proposed in the Victorian Land & Biodiversity White Paper.  Participants were mainly senior staff and board members of the three existing organisations. |pdf 11Mb| 

NRM Issues, Prospects and Challenges

(NSW CMA Forum, Forbes 6 September 2010)

Keynote to frontline field staff of all New South Wales Catchment Management Organisations (CMAs).  A 'big picture' look at the wider context in which CMAs operate, and discussion of the characteristics of high-performing CMAs. |pdf 16Mb| 

Design Principles for intelligent research investment

(Knowledge for Managing Australian Landscapes conference, Canberra 18 May 2010)

Keynote to the Land & Water Australia legacy conference organised, convened and underwritten by Triple Helix Consulting, in conjunction with the Australian River Restoration Centre (ARRC).  This presentation explored the big drivers and knowledge gaps facing the management of Australia's landscapes and natural resources, and how best to acquire and manage the research needed to fill those gaps. |pdf 5Mb|  More detail and all presentations at this highly successful and rich event can be found here.

People, Policy and Planning — the long view

(Local Government Forum, Bendigo 14 May 2010)

Keynote to regional local government councillors and senior staff organised by the North Central Catchment Management Authority (NCCMA), looking at the long run forces likely to affect central Victoria over coming decades.   |pdf 10Mb|

Regional approaches to NRM - still relevant?

(Fenner School for Environment and Society, ANU Canberra 7 May 2010)

Lecture to third and fourth year students, discussing the evolution of regional approaches to natural resource management in Australia, and the on-going relevance of capable regional institutions in a carbon, water, energy and nutrient-constrained world.   |pdf 13Mb|

Sustaining Food and Farming Systems and rural communities in WA

(Rural Futures WA, City Farm Perth, 22 and 23 April 2010)

Public lecture and workshop presentation for Rural Futures Western Australia, outlining the key drivers for more sustainable food systems and rural communities, and exploring some opportunities.  Apologies for the size of this file, I'm not sure why the Acrobat file does not want to downsize images.   |ppt 74Mb|

Redesigning Food Systems for a carbon-, water-, energy-, and nutrient-constrained world

("Food Futures"  — Public Health Association of Australia national conference, Canberra,

20 April 2010)

Keynote presentation to the PHAA national conference, looking at the imperatives and opportunities to develop more sustainable and healthy food systems.  |pdf 8Mb|

Managing Australian Soils

(North Central Regional Soils Forum, Bendigo 31 March 2010)

Keynote presentation to the NCCMA regional soils forum, looking at the policy implications of the need to support better soil management in a changing climate.  |pdf 2.5Mb|

Landscapes, Lifestyles and Livelihoods

(SRES Course lecture, ANU Canberra 1 March 2010)

Annual inntroductory lecture to the Resources, Environment and Society course in the Fenner School at the Australian National University.  |pdf 6.8Mb|

The science-policy interface:  a 'provocative'

(Ecological Society of Australia, Shine Dome Canberra 4 December 2009)

Keynote presentation to the ESA national symposium (again in the Shine Dome) on ecology and environmental policy, using bushfires as a case study.  |pdf 4.5Mb|

Converging insecurities:  water, energy, carbon and food

(Australian Academy of Science, Canberra 4 November 2009)

Public lecture in the magnificent Shine Dome of the AAS in Canberra, taking a 'big picture' look at the integration challenges in science and in policy across water, carbon, energy and food.  |pdf 3Mb|

A slidecast of this talk can be found on the AAS site.

Food, Farming & Sustainability (Warragul 6 October 2009)

Keynote address to the 'Nurture the Land, Nourish the People' conference.  |pdf 43Mb|

Knowledge for Managing Australian Landscapes (Adelaide 30 September 2009)

Keynote to the Place and Purpose Symposium of the Spatial Sciences Institute Biennial International Conference.  |pdf 40Mb|slidecast|

National Water Knowledge and Research Strategy - desirable elements (Canberra 10 August 09)

Opening talk to a stakeholder roundtable that will inform the COAG (Council of Australian Governments) National Water Knowledge and Research Strategy.  The two-day roundtable workshop was facilitated by Andrew Campbell for the Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts. |pdf 390Kb|

Knowledge and Innovation for challenging times — achieving policy traction (Canberra 27.5.09)  This plenary presentation to the Pathfinders - the Innovators Conference (the national conference of the Cooperative Research Centres Association) explores the implications of rapid environmental change for the way we organise science and innovation in Australia, and for the interface between science and policy.  It sets out some key principles and a science-policy agenda for changing times.

At the same conference on 28 May, Kate Andrews John Kerin and I ran a workshop called Translating Science into Policy.  My presentation is here, Kate's is here, the Savanna Cats case from Tony Peacock is here, and a wonderful talk from a senior policy/political perspective by John Kerin is here.

A new agenda for Landcare and NRM (Hobart 23 April 2009)     

This July will see the 20th anniversary of Bob Hawke's announcement of a Decade of Landcare.  This presentation to the Chairs of all the regional NRM bodies and Catchment Management Authorities in Australia proposes a new agenda for rejuvenating landcare and a rethink of the regional model for natural resource management (NRM) and Caring for our Country.  | ppt (308Kb) |